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You've found the perfect love,

the perfect dress,

and the perfect place.  

Let us help you remember it. 

We are taking a very limited number of larger traditional weddings (over 75 guests) in 2021. If you are eloping or having a smaller, more  intimate day, please visit our  elopements  page. I'd love to chat with you more. 

     We are storytellers, dreamers, & adventurers. To us the journey is just as important as the destination.  You've spent so much time and energy planning your wedding and making sure every detail is just right. The hours you've spent reading, researching, looking for locations, and finding the perfect dress.  It's a journey, that in many cases has been years in the making.  And just like that it's over.  We want to capture your day perfectly -  the moments, details, and sounds that make your day your day.  We want your film to be a reflection of the two of you, show the emotion, and the personality that it takes on. With all of our films you can expect us to capture your day as authentically and as beautifully as it unfolds.  ​


    Each one of our films is unique, story-driven, emotionally engaging, cinematic in nature, and timeless even down to the natural coloring of the day.  We believe that a wedding film should be felt, and so with an artful approach to filming and editing, we strive to retell your wedding day story full of the emotion of the day and not just recap the events that took place.

Our Films & Packages for Traditional weddings

see Elopements for adventure and destination weddings. 

Highlight Film

(3.5 - 5 Minutes)

This cinematic, story-based film captures the highlights of your day perfectly. It's full of emotion and creativity, and  incorporates  the audio from your ceremony and toasts. It's generally around 4 minutes long and great for sharing.  Our Most Popular film. 

Feature Film

(5-7 Minutes) 

This is a longer version of our Highlight film, generally about 6 - 7 minutes long, and includes moments from your day from getting ready to your reception.  A creative film with a longer format to tell a bit more of your story. 

Social Media Film

(60 Seconds)

A fun, shorter version of your wedding film perfect for sharing on social media. A great compliment to your Highlight or Feature film.  60 Seconds long. 

Key Moments Package

Highlight film

20-30 Minute Film

This package includes our Highlight film and a separate Key Moments film - a  20-30 minute film that include a few moments from your preps, your first look, your procession, your groom's reaction as you walk down the isle, your vows, ring exchange, toasts, dances, and your exit. We also add some of your guests, details, and other important moments.  Length varies based on your day but it's usually 20-30 minutes.

* Upgrade to a Feature Film

* add a 60-second Social Media film to this package for even more fun.

Documentary Package

Highlight Film

45-60 Documentary

When your day finally arrives it goes by really fast and there is so much you don't even get to see (or you won't remember because it was such a blur).  This film helps you relive your entire day from getting ready through your reception.  This package includes our Highlight film (above) and a separate 45-60 minute Documentary film. You'll relive your preps, first look, ceremony, your toast and dances, as well as other special events. It's a longer version of our Key Moments and a great way to go right back to your wedding day.  

* Upgrade to a Feature Film

* add a 60-second Social Media film to this package

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             a few details....

Our retainer is $1500 + tax with the balance due 2 weeks prior to your wedding date.  Cash, credit cards, checks, and Paypal accepted. 


We offer 9 hours of coverage for each film, however we are not strict with time. Most of our time is actually in creating your film, so if we are with you a little longer on your day that's OK with us.  ​ 

Films are delivered in 60-90 days via a USB or digital download. Your Highlight film will be uploaded to Vimeo (with a password) so the two of you can watch it for the first time together.  Then you can share your wedding film with the world using the same link. You'll also receive a link for a direct download or we'll mail your films to you on a USB.  Our Documentary film is too large to upload so we mail that to you.  

Drone footage is included as long as time, weather, location, and safe conditions permit.  

Each of our films includes two videographers - Mike and Alison.  We don't send others to film for us and we don't have others create your films.  When we sit down to create your wedding film we know what your day was like and we know how the two of you were together.  

Music is such an important part of your film and the final product would vary greatly in the style and feel if we do not have the ability to choose the song(s). We spend hours for every wedding film searching for the perfect song that matches the ins and outs of the audio and the feeling of your day.